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The Human Aftertaste Unleashed: TASTE THE FREEDUM Tour [17 Jul 2007|02:26pm]


Attention Cleveland Folks: Are you anticipating spending this coming Tuesday night alone but for a family size bag of Fritos and the gentle judgment of Jesus? Looking for a little action that doesn't require the application of a topical ointment the following morning? Seek no further, blind followers of the mediocre, for your lives can skip a day of the ordinary when you step into the bask-zone perimeter of The Human Aftertaste!

(Not even a week into the tour and there's already been a visit to the emergency room!)

Sex! Violence! Dale Earnhardt's Corpse! Tittybear! Dildoes! Fiddle Faddle!

Tuesday, July 17th
Mocha Dreams
Cleveland, Ohio

(More Ohio shows listed on the website!)

Print out this crappy token, present it to the hairy guy (you know - the one with the hair...and the face) and get yourself a;Collapse )

(x-posted like the buggery, but not spammed - only where relevant. Mods, feel free to delete and all that, cheers!)

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[20 May 2007|10:12pm]

Hey Ohio,

We'll be passing through the area on our Spring tour, would love to see some friendly faces out at the show! If you like Q & Not U, The Killers, Sleater Kinney, or PJ Harvey, you might like us.

Show details here!Collapse )
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[14 Mar 2007|04:31pm]

The weather is great, so don't stay at home! Great Music, Drink Specials, and LOTS OF FUN! Been having a lot of fun these past weeks down at the Chamber! Got some new music. Something you want to hear? Send me a message and I will try to have it tonight! You can always come to the DJ booth with your request. If you bring me a cd, I will DEFINETLY be sure to play it!!! (and then try to have it with me in the future!)


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kind of off-topic [09 May 2006|04:16pm]
(if this isn't allowed, please delete it. I just really need help and there really aren't any northern ohio communities on LJ)
Hey you guys!
I live in Findlay, Ohio.. NW ohio by Bowling Green and shit. 2 hours south of Detroit.. but anyways, my friend Adam purchased 2 pink-eyed white female rats from Pet Supplies Plus and now (2-4 weeks later) one just gave birth. He was freaking out and he called me because he knows I love animals and I have 7 rats/1 ferret/1 cat. He told me I had to take them. So I drove to his house and picked up the fuzzies.

I was disgusted.. they're bedding was pee-soaked and smelled like ammonia/bleach (which is a sign they haven't been eating very much/well) and they had absolutely NO food except for 2 baby carrots. I brought her home and gave her a huge bowl of food and she scarfed it down and never even left the bowl. Poor girl. Who knows when the last time she has eaten was?

ANYWAYS, I now have 10 rats that need good homes.
8 babies (they don't have hair yet) and 2 white pink-eyed adult female rats. I am NOT selling them, they are FREE to people who can give them good homes.

if you want one or two, email me at crisis_city@yahoo.com. The babies and the mom won't be able to be adopted out for another 5 weeks, but I have one white adult female who can be adopted at any time. I will drive to Toledo or the surrounding areas if possible.

PLEASE help me out. I already have 7 rats I don't need 10 more!

Phoebe (crisis_city@Yahoo.com)
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[24 Apr 2006|08:15am]

Image hosting by Photobucket
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Girlyman on Wednesday [16 Apr 2006|04:18pm]


with opening act Anne E. DeChant
Wednesday, April 19
8:30 PM at The Winchester Tavern and Music Hall in Lakewood

Hear some of Girlyman's "delicious, harmony-driven gender pop" folk-rock here.
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[19 Mar 2006|04:59pm]

This is a shout out to everyone who has ever lived in Akron, or knows anyone who lives there. You should definitely read this. Akron's going to be majorly affected by the voting on May 2nd. Read more...Collapse )
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flee the island. [10 Mar 2006|09:13am]

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
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[09 Nov 2005|10:53am]


yeah, that's right.
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[21 Oct 2005|02:47pm]


(x-posted like whoa)
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Friday [25 Oct 2005|04:11am]

Check out my website at www.starloft.com for all the details for this Friday's show at the HiFi Club...

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[07 Sep 2005|08:50pm]

I forgot to add links to the bands sites.

the story changes
let go
the interns

go there and check it all out.

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[07 Sep 2005|08:46pm]

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[05 Sep 2005|05:01pm]
my entire album is available here.
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8/25 Altered, Tripfuse, Quickening, Single File [17 Aug 2005|11:32pm]


band descriptions, mp3s, and more details can be found at www.starloft.com.
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upcoming shows... [23 Jul 2005|03:20am]


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[11 Jul 2005|12:50pm]

So. You should all come to Jeff Fosnight's show.
This Friday.
If anything come for the coffee and just stick around to check him out and the other guys.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[25 Jun 2005|11:42am]

we apologize in advance for the x-post...

the raven society will be on tour this summer, and we're still trying to fill our cleveland area date for august 12th. so, this could be akron, toledo, etc. if anyone can help, we would love you long time.

we'll play pretty much anywhere, including house shows and diy spaces.


if you happen to be in a band, we will get you a show here in return.

the raven society
august 12th - cleveland, oh (tba)
august 13th - kalamazoo, mi (kraftbrau)
august 14th - chicago, il (the empty bottle - tentative)
august 15th - madison, wi (the corral room)
august 16th - cedar falls, io (the reverb)
august 17th - belleville, il (the ground floor)
august 18th - st. louis, mo (gearbox)
august 19th - n. manchester, in (the firehouse)
august 20th - cincinnati, oh (never on sundays)
august 21st - pittsburgh, oh (tba)
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3 good shows coming... [24 Jun 2005|10:24am]

Visit starloft.com for mp3 links, band descriptions, and more info.

June 28th

July 2nd

July 8th
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House of Heroes, Transition, Woke Up in Vegas, Arms For Venus, Adam Got Married [15 Jun 2005|02:08pm]

I hope to see you all Friday for my next show! Check out my website for band descriptions and mp3s.

This all-ages show will feature five bands performing at The Pit located at 4309 Lorain Ave on the 3rd Floor in Cleveland, Ohio on Friday, June 17th. Bands will be performing in the following order: Adam Got Married, Arms For Venus, Woke Up in Vegas, Transition, and House of Heroes. Doors open at 8pm and the show will start at 8:30pm. The Pit is an alcohol-free venue. Cost at the door will be $7.
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