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kind of off-topic

(if this isn't allowed, please delete it. I just really need help and there really aren't any northern ohio communities on LJ)
Hey you guys!
I live in Findlay, Ohio.. NW ohio by Bowling Green and shit. 2 hours south of Detroit.. but anyways, my friend Adam purchased 2 pink-eyed white female rats from Pet Supplies Plus and now (2-4 weeks later) one just gave birth. He was freaking out and he called me because he knows I love animals and I have 7 rats/1 ferret/1 cat. He told me I had to take them. So I drove to his house and picked up the fuzzies.

I was disgusted.. they're bedding was pee-soaked and smelled like ammonia/bleach (which is a sign they haven't been eating very much/well) and they had absolutely NO food except for 2 baby carrots. I brought her home and gave her a huge bowl of food and she scarfed it down and never even left the bowl. Poor girl. Who knows when the last time she has eaten was?

ANYWAYS, I now have 10 rats that need good homes.
8 babies (they don't have hair yet) and 2 white pink-eyed adult female rats. I am NOT selling them, they are FREE to people who can give them good homes.

if you want one or two, email me at The babies and the mom won't be able to be adopted out for another 5 weeks, but I have one white adult female who can be adopted at any time. I will drive to Toledo or the surrounding areas if possible.

PLEASE help me out. I already have 7 rats I don't need 10 more!

Phoebe (
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